Reliability of Multicomponent Stress-Strength Model Based on Bivariate Generalized Exponential Distribution

Nadar M., Erçelik E.

American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences, vol.42, no.1, pp.86-103, 2023 (Scopus) identifier


© 2022 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.This paper deals with a system consisting of k identical strength components where each side of a given component is composed of a pair of dependent elements. These elements (Formula presented.) have bivariate generalized exponential distribution and each element is put through a common random stress T which has generalized exponential distribution. The system is considered as working only if at least s out of (Formula presented.) strength random variables overcome the random stress. The multicomponent reliability of the system is defined by (Formula presented.) at least s of the (Formula presented.) exceed (Formula presented.) where (Formula presented.) and (Formula presented.) for (Formula presented.) Estimation of the multicomponent reliability may help the safety management and prevent some catastrophic disaster. We estimate multicomponent reliability (Formula presented.) by using classical and Bayesian approaches. Since the explicit form of stress-strength reliability estimate is not accessible, Lindley’s approximation and the Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods are used to develop Bayes estimate of (Formula presented.) Further, numerical studies are conducted and the reliability estimators are compared through the estimated risks (ER).