The Solubilities and Physicochemical Properties of NaH2PO2-NaCl-H2O, NaH2PO2-Zn(H2PO2)(2)-H2O, and NaCI Zn(H2PO2)(2)-H2O Ternary Systems and in NaH2PO2-NaCl-Zn(H2PO2)(2)-H2O Quaternary System at 298.15 K

Demirci S., Adiguzel V., Sahin Ö.

JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING DATA, vol.61, no.7, pp.2292-2298, 2016 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


The physicochemical properties and solubilities of NaH2PO2-Zn(H2PO2)(2)-H2O, NaH2PO2-NaCl-H2O, and NaCl-Zn(H2PO2)(2)-H2O ternary systems and in NaH2PO2-NaCl-Zn(H2PO2)(2)-H2O quaternary system at 298.15 K were investigated-via the isothermal method. Invariant point compositions represent the quaternary system were characterized as the following: 10.65% mass NaCl, 32.51% mass NaH2PO2, 6.50% mass Zn(H2PO2)(2) and 50.34% mass H2O. In solid phases, the salts of Zn(H2PO2)(2)center dot H2O, NaCl and NaH2PO2 center dot H2O were recognized. The crystallization area of the salts were obtained as (i) 79.04% Zn(H2PO2)(2), (ii) 18.62% NaCl and (iii) 2.34% NaH2PO2. Being the least soluble salt, Zn(H2PO2)(2) has the largest crystallization area when compared with other salts present in the medium. According to the results, the crystallization area of was the largest in comparison with those of other salts and at the same time it was the least soluble salt.