Innovative Wind Energy Models and Prediction Methodologies

Sen Z.

HANDBOOK OF WIND POWER SYSTEMS, pp.67-126, 2013 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


Energy sources are among the major driving forces almost all the societal activities and its rather easiest way of extraction is from the fossil fuels, especially, coal and petroleum. However, their exploitations have direct and side effects on the most essential substances, air and water, because of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Recent climate change effects are all related to fossil fuel exploitation, and therefore, the trend in the world now is towards excessive use, if possible, of clean and hence environmentally friendly energy sources among which apart from other alternatives wind power is present day attraction. In open literature there are many classical wind power calculation methods. In this chapter innovative ones are explained with applications. Among these stochastic temporal, cumulative semivariogram spatial, statistical perturbation, and innovative wind energy formulation and its Betz limit comparisons are presented.