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Shourjo Chakravorty was born in 1983 in Kolkata, India. He received a Bachelor of Arts in economics in August 2005 and a Master of Arts in economics in August 2007 from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He took a First in both his BA and MA examinations. He started graduate school at the University of Florida in Fall 2007 and received a PhD in economics in Summer 2012. Chakravorty’s doctoral dissertation examined the negotiated-settlement practice in public utilities regulation. While a graduate student at the University of Florida in 2010, he was awarded the Walter-Lanzilotti Research Grant by the Robert F. Lanzillotti Public Policy Research Center to support his research. After finishing his doctoral studies in 2012, Chakravorty worked as a Research Coordinator at the Institute for Child Health Policy (ICHP) at the University of Florida. At ICHP, Chakravorty served as the statistics and econometric lead for the Florida Pediatric Medical Home Demonstration Project. In June 2015, he joined the Department of Economics at Istanbul Technical University as an assistant professor. His research interests include industrial organization, regulation, health, game theory and bargaining.

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