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Institutional Information: Mimarlık, Şehir Ve Bölge Planlaması
Research Areas: History of Science, Science Philosophy, Heritage Management for Anatolian Civilizations and Culture, Physical Geography, Economic Geography, Regional Geography, Geography of Turkey, General Sociology and Methodology, Sociology of Instutions, Applied Sociology, Social Strafication and Mobility, Science and Technological Policy Studies, Statistics, Economic and Social Demography, Internet-GIS, Land Management, Land-Land Management, Urban Space Arrangement, Rural Area Arrangement, Real Estate Valuation, Geographic Information Systems, Land Information Systems, City Information Systems, 3D-Modeling, Airport Construction, Strategic planning, Technology and Inovation Management, Scenario Analysis, Multi Criteria Decision Making, Decision Support Systems, City and Regional Planning, Regional Planning, Urban Planning and Development, Project and Construction Management, Multi-Criteria Decision Making Analysis


Fatih EREN is an Associate Professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture. He completed his PhD on the internationalization process of the Istanbul real estate market at the University of Sheffield between 2007-2013. He worked as the Director of the Center for Urban Studies at the Center for Strategic Research and Analysis (CESRAN), an international think tank based in the UK, between 2010-2016. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Architecture and Planning (ICONARP), of which he was one of the founders, for two years.

He has more than 18 years of experience as an academician in the higher education sector and has been involved in many public and private sector supported research and development projects as a coordinator, manager, researcher and consultant. In the projects he undertakes, he frequently resorts to experimental and innovative methods such as developing original mobile applications, experiencing augmented reality technology, and constructing original psychometric tests.

His areas of expertise and interest are Smart City, Urban Innovation, Megaproject Development and Investment, Real Estate Market Analysis and Comparative Global City Analysis.

He has focused his recent studies on "Digital Twin Cities", "Platform Urbanism" and "Urban Acupuncture Practices".

Master and PhD students who want to study these topics in their thesis can contact him without hesitation.

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