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Institutional Information: Gemi Inşaatı Ve Deniz Bilimleri, Gemi Ve Deniz Teknolojisi Mühendisliği
Research Areas: Technical Sciences, Marine Sciences and Technology, Coastal Sciences, Oceanography, Physical Oceanography

Names in Publications: Beji, Serdar




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Working at Istanbul Technical University in Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering since 1992 as faculty member. Vice Dean 1998-2000. University Senate Member 2005-2007 and 2008-2011. Head of Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering Division 2013-2014. Contact person of ITU for the Erasmus Mundus EMSHIP program and teaching at Université de Liège, Belgium as invited scholar since 2012. Being invited as “expert” to the ocean energy panels of European Commission Horizon 2020 since 2015 every year once or twice.

Received short-term visit grants from Tokyo Institute of Technology (T.I.T.) between 1995 and 1998 as visiting researcher. Granted scholarships twice from Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) to Japan as short-term visiting scholar for carrying out research on nonlinear wave modeling in 1997 and on modeling wave-growth due to wind in 2000. Visited T. I. T. in 2001 and 2003 for periods of three months.

Granted scholarship for 6 months from the Kajima foundation of Japan for research on ocean wave modeling. Subsequently, Tokyo Institute of Technology supported the same project for 4 months.

Worked for 15 months as post-doctorate fellow at Technical University of Delft (The Netherlands) in Department of Civil Engineering for a project funded by the European Community-MAST (MArine Science and Technology) program.

Joined Turkish Coast Guard as engineer officer to complete the military service.

Carried out Ph.D. studies in hydrodynamics at University of Rhode Island (USA). Title of the doctoral dissertation: Attenuation of heave and pitch motions of floating bodies by means of an active mechanism.

Worked as teaching and research assistant at Istanbul Tech. Univ. in Dept. of Naval Arch.