General Information

Institutional Information: Bilgisayar Ve Bilişim, Yapay Zeka Ve Veri Mühendisliği
Research Areas: Computer Sciences, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Learning and Pattern Recognition, Pattern Recognition and Image Processing, Neural Networks, Engineering and Technology

Names in Publications: Tek B, Tek F. Boray, Tek FB, Tek Faik Boray


Faik (comes from my grandfather) Boray Tek  was born in Ankara in 1978. I received my B.Sc degree from Baskent University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department in 2000. I received my M.Sc degree from Middle East Technical University, Electrical And Electronics Eng, Robotics option  in 2003 with a thesis on "Face Detection using learning networks". I worked at TUBITAK Information Sciences and Technologies Institute (formerly Tubitak-Bilten, now named as Tubitak-Uzay) as a computer vision researcher. I received my PHD title (Feb 2007) from University of Westminster, School of Electronics and Computer Science on biomedical image processing on the problem of "Microscopy Diagnosis of Malaria". After the PHD, I worked one year in University of Westminster as a postdoc, then in MedicSight as a research scientist for another year. After coming back to Turkey, in 2009, I joined Computer Engineering Department of Isik University (Sile, Istanbul) as an Assistant Professor. I am one of the founders of Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory in Işık University.

My research focuses on computer vision, (bio)image analysis, and machine learning. Through my research career, I had the privilege of working on intriguing vision problems which included face detection & recognition, identification of African Clawed frogs, diagnosis of malaria in microscopy images, tumor/nodule detection in computerized tomography, nucleus detection in mouse brain scans, vision for autonomous model vehicles, mitosis counting in pathology images, and neural networks and its applications.