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Effect of kappa-carrageenan on volume phase transition for polyacrylamide (PAAm) hydrogel using the fluorescence technique

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A Fluorescence Study on Swelling of Hydrogels (PAAm) at Various Cross-Linker Contents

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Elucidation of multiple-point interactions of pyranine fluoroprobe during the gelation

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Study on swelling of hydrogels (PAAm) at various temperatures by using fluorescence technique

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Direct test of the critical exponents at the sol gel transition

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Monomer Consumption Rates During Gelation at VariousTemperatures A Fast Transient Fluorescence Study

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Fast transient fluorescence (FTRF) technique to study swelling of densely and loosely formed gels

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In situ fluorescence experiments for real-time monitoring of annealed high-T latex film dissolution

JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE, vol.60, no.12, pp.2105-2112, 1996 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier identifier

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volume phase transition for composite hydrogels by fluorescence technique

Congress on Mechanical, Chemical, and Material Engineering (MCM 2015), no.265, 2015 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)

Refereed Congress / Symposium Publications in Proceedings

Structural, optical and mechanical properties of polyacrylamide hydrogels doped with multiwalled carbon nanotubes

3rd International Eurasian Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology (EurasianSciEnTech 2021), Ankara, Turkey, 15 - 17 December 2021

Study ing on universality principle for hydrogels using time resolved fluorescence technique

7th international conference on advanced technologies, 28 April - 01 May 2018

Drying of ionic hydrogels using fluorescence technique

international conference on advanced technology and science ICAT 2016, Konya, Turkey, 1 - 03 September 2016

Swelling and drying process in ionic hydrogels for low and high pH using fluorescence technique

32nd International Conference of the Polymer-Processing-Society (PPS), Lyon, France, 25 - 29 July 2016, vol.1914 identifier identifier

Studying on volume phase transition in composite hydrogels by fluorescence technique

2015, Proceedings of the World Congress on Mechanical, Chemical, and Material Engineering (MCM 2015), Barcelona, Spain, 20 - 21 July 2015

Women in Physics in Turkey

4th IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 5 - 08 April 2011, vol.1517, pp.158-159 Sustainable Development identifier identifier

Fluorescence technique for monitoring swelling of PAAm-kappa-carrageenan gel composites

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Phase Transitions in Pure and Hybrid Hydrogels: A Fluorescence Study

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Computing the distance spectrum of space-time trellis codes

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