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Nilgün Okay received MA and PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences at City University of New York.  She was the first Turkish women scientist participated Arctic expeditions.  During her early career she hold National scholarship of Ministry of Education, New York State Funded University Fellowships, U.S. Navy Research Lab Grant, Joint Oceanographic Institutions/Ocean Drilling Scientist Supports.  After the 1999 earthquakes she participated ACHIEVE Program for disaster risk management and planning,  the Natural Disaster Risk Management Program of World Bank Institute -GFDRR for developing on-line courses and training materials.  Currently, her research covers disaster hazard, vulnerability and risk assessment, integrated suitability for settlement, nature-based geoecological solutions and sustainable risk-reduction planning and sociogeological practices.

Ship-board Experience

·       R/V Håkon Mosby (Norway) Northeastern Atlantic Ocean, Knipovich Ridge and Svalbard margin in the Arctic Seas (Sept. 28-Oct. 23, 1990)

·       R/V Joides Resolution (USA) ODP Leg 152, Drilling on South Eastern Greenland Continental Margin in the Northern Atlantic-Arctic Ocean (Sept. 29-Nov. 24, 1993)

·       R/V Urania (Italy) Marmara 2001, Submarine Earthquake Geology, Marmara Sea and near İstanbul (May 28-Jun. 07, 2001)

·       R/V Meteor (Germany) Leg 51/4, Biogeochemical cycles and Holocene paleoclimate in the western Black Sea (13-28 Dec. 2001).

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